The Concept VRF team is supported by a superior wealth of experience in the installation of DX piping and each technician is subjected to manufacturer training and certification on the various makes of VRF equipment.


Further all technicians are TSSA certified and the company operates on a strict compliance to the code and requirements of TSSA with regards to “Pressure Relief”, material and system inspections by TSSA and the completion of all documentation for presentation to the customer.

As the industry develops and changes are implemented by design engineers away from the chiller and water source heat pump systems to the VRF way of conditioning buildings then changes also need to be made to the training of technicians and Concept VRF Systems anticipated the shift and are at the leading edge in the field.

In this world you are only as good as your last job and Concept VRF Systems is fast building a good reputation for getting the job done as per design to a high standard of workmanship and in a timely fashion.


Concept VRF Systems is working closely with suppliers, manufacturers, design and consulting engineers to secure the very best in design, installation and operating costs.
It is our aim to maintain our reputation through our policy of honesty and integrity in all that we do with the desire to follow up with a friendly service and maintenance experience to the end user to ensure a comfortable working environment.

The Concept VRF team is eager to meet the challenge of this fast-developing field of air conditioning and look forward to receiving your enquiries and forming new relationships and friendships.