All Employees are advised that all accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to the on-site Foreman / Supervisor, who will in-turn complete an accident investigation report and contact the head office.

Failure to report accidents may result in worker’s compensation benefits being denied.

In a continuing effort to maintain a safe environment for you to work in, all persons during the course of their employment with our company must accept safety as a personal responsibility and agree to abide by our safety policy.

The objective of our company Safety Policy is to prevent accidents causing injuries of any nature. To accomplish this, we require every person from our top management to newest employee to understand the regulation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the regulations of our customers when on their premises, and abide by them.

All unsafe conditions must be reported to your job foreman, superintendent or management who are expected to take immediate action to rectify these unsafe conditions.

Your safety is a foremost concern of Concept Air Systems (Mechanical) Inc. and with a keen awareness on your part and the potential and/or direct hazards around you. We are confident we will work together as a team so that everyday is a safe work day.


Mr. Michael Bornemann